Becoming Debt Free in 2009

April 21, 2009

No Cash Needed

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Now that I have money I don’t need as much money.  There is something a little backwards about that statement but it is the truth.

This weekend I realized that there are so many things that I just don’t want anymore.  Let me say that I am not debt free yet.  But it will happen in the next few months and the one last bill  I do have is pretty much set on auto pay so I don’t even have to think about it.

Over the weekend a friend asked me to go shopping.  I thought about it and there was nothing I needed and nothing I wanted.  The thought of shopping was just not appealing.  I preferred to sit outside and enjoy the sun.

One of our favorite things to do now is just sit outside and talk.  The boys will sometimes run to McDonalds and get a sundae from the $1 menu and bring it back  to our new “favorite spot”.  Since we no longer have cable we aren’t always tied to the TV.   Especially since we all like different  shows.

Life is simple and I’m enjoying it.


April 16, 2009

Wow! What an inspiration.

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Kennedy is on spring break so things are pretty busy around here.

Someone sent me this link of Susan Boyle from Britains Got Talent. If you haven’t seen it take a second to watch. Wow.

March 9, 2009

Is there any good news?

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Is there any good news?  The past week has been filled with bad news all around.  Most of it really sad.     I would love to hear something GOOD. 

Please share your good news with me.

December 31, 2008

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

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I can’t believe I started this blog about 2 1/2 months ago.   My plan was to work on the layout  and visit other blogs and do a little “practice’ writing until Jan. 1st.  It’s amazing how connected you begin to feel to the people who visit and encourage you daily.  You can not imagine how much you all have motivated me.  Once I got the first comment from Jennifer at Finding Financial Peace I couldn’t wait to get started.   I have paid off more than $2,500 in debt in just the short time I’ve been on here ( I haven’t updated all of December’s total yet) and all of you have cheered me on along the way.
I love knowing that people stop to  read and are sometimes encouraged.  I enjoy reading your blogs and feel as if I know many of your children, husbands, boyfriends, bosses, co-workers and everyone else you write about.

We are all at different places on our journeys to becoming debt free but we understand each other more than the people in our real lives understand this desire we have to pay off debt and live without debt.

I just want to say a special Thank You to all of you.  When I began this blog I had little more than a small hope that I could be debt free in 2009.  Now, I know without a doubt that I’ll make.  Hey, I’ve given up Diet Coke and chips because I didn’t want to come back and tell you all I failed.  There is something great about this online world and I thank you all for allowing me to share it with you.

Goodbye, 2008 and Hello, 2009.  It’s going to be a great year and I can’t wait.

December 19, 2008

Life Is Good

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I can’t believe it is the weekend before Christmas and I have nothing to do.  I have finished shopping, cleaning, delivering gifts and all the other things that go with the holidays.  All I have to do is sit back and enjoy.

One thing that saved a bunch of time this year is not wrapping as many presents.  My son felt that wrapping his and his brothers presents were a waste of paper (Mr. Eco Friendly) so I got a box for each child that was big enough to whole all of their gifts and therefore, each only has one wrapped present under the tree.

I also didn’t buy for as many people this year.  So less time shopping and less time wrapping.  Not to mention less money spent.

We will do some baking for fun over the next few days and just enjoy the holidays. 

Have a great and relaxing weekend.

November 12, 2008

Counting the Good Things

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As I was driving my son to school this morning, I was thinking about how many good things have happened over the past few days.  Since I didn’t become debt free overnight, haven’t been to the grocery store, no surprise bills in the mail, and all the other things that we write about on a blog about becoming debt free  I wasn’t really sure if I had anything to say.  If any of you knew me outside of the Internet world you would know I ALWAYS have something to say.  So being at a lost for words is just a  little unusual.

So I came up with this brilliant idea ( I know only I think it’s brilliant).  I thought you might like to know some good things that are happening.  Once I started thinking about them, they really do connect with finances – some more than others.

So here I’m counting the Good Things

  1. Since I quit drinking Diet Coke and eating chips (who needs chips without the coke) I have lost 8 pounds.
  2. My college son was offered a position as research assistant.  He is a freshman and to get this position says a lot about how well he knows his area.  I am so proud of him.
  3. My younger son has decided he wants a family birthday dinner instead of the usual party.  Now this is good for several reasons.  Normally,  he invites about 10 kids to a nice (in kid terms) restaurant and we pickup the tab.  This year he said that his friends would feel obligated to bring presents and several have parents who have lost jobs because of the economy.  So he asked if we could just go as a family to eat at this “cheap joint” because they have good dessert.
  4. My yard is beautiful.  The lawn care people came yesterday and raked all the leaves and pine straw.  We have fall leaves and flowers blooming.  I do pay $80 per month for this and it is worth every single penny to me.
  5. My husband has a stable job – so we are blessed that we don’t have to worry about layoffs.
  6. My dog loves me.  She is a rescue dog that was hit by a car 8 years ago.  She has a metal plate in her hip and runs sideways.  But she is always under my feet.  There are days that this can be a bad thing but since it is cold outside it’s great because she is so warm.
  7. My computer crashed.  It is old so I don’t think I will try to have it repaired.  The fact that it crashed is not a good thing but I have 3 others in the house I can still use.   If it were the only one I would be going crazy.


I am sure there are more good things that I can’t think of off of the top of my head  and there are a few things that aren’t so good but  today I choose to not think about those.

Hope all of you have some good things to count today.

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