Becoming Debt Free in 2009

March 1, 2009

Paid In Full News From PF Blogs

Congratulations to the following bloggers for making some progress recently.  I always enjoy reading the payoff stories.  Stop by their blogs to see just what and how much they paid off.

Debt and the City

Won’t Go Down Without A Fight

Shaking the Money Tree

Our Debt Blog

Again, congrats to you all. 

If I missed your recent pay-off leave a comment with your blog address so we can all visit and see what you paid off.


February 13, 2009

Blogroll – Update

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I spent some time yesterday updating my blogroll.  The blogs on my blogroll are blogs that I check almost daily.  Most are personal finance blogs.  There are a few that are not personal finance but I find that I use the info for personal finance.

Now, if I forgot your blog and you read here please let me know.  I usually don’t add blogs until I have read them for a few weeks just so I can make sure they are relevant to PF.

Take a  look and find a few new PF blogs to enjoy.

Blog at