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November 19, 2008

About Credit Reports

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I think the one part of Dave Ramsey that I really got is that if you don’t use credit who cares about the FICO score.  I must say that I know nothing about credit reports.  The only time I have actually seen ours is when we applied for this mortgage about 10 years ago.  I know they have been pulled when we bought the last car and so forth but we have never gotten them ourselves.  So I have a few questions on what I should do.

First, I know to go to to get the free report.  Should I get a copy of all three or should I just get a copy of one and then in a few months get a copy of the others?  Also, I think I read somewhere that you have to pay extra to actually get the FICO is that true?

I feel sure our report is good my main concern is making sure there aren’t any errors.  And I’m a little curious about our scores.

Any advice?


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