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November 3, 2008

School Project Expenses

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My son is in a program for gifted students.  In this program, projects are required in each class.  Depending on the class some require two or three projects a year.  Depending on the project the cost can range from a couple of dollars to close to a hundred dollars.

Science projects are due in about three weeks so we went yesterday to buy the supplies.  The project he decided on is a unique project that he wrote up himself.  The school provides science fair project books for students to choose a project but he wants to be different and always rights his own.  Last year he had a unique project  that he wrote and he won first place at school and at regional competition.  (I just had to share since I am so proud of him).  Also, last years project used all items we had at home so we only spent the $10 for the board and labels.   Back to this year’s project, by the time I had purchased all the supplies I had spent nearly $100.  I tried not to “complain” about the cost because he had worked so hard on writing it.  Also, the materials that he used are not going to be of any use to us so after the project, part of the supplies will just go in the storage room.

How do you handle the unexpected expenses for school projects or school trips – the trip this year is to the Innaguaration and cost $850.  How do you determine what is to much for a project?  Do you allow your kids to go on all of the school trips?


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  1. Congrats on ds winning! that is amazing!

    my dd isn’t in school yet – but we do have field trips & fundraisers & tuition now – stuff like that in preschool — We have a direct deposit that goes into an account that we use for that stuff – the extra $ is building so that we can start to have more for when she is doing that stuff in school. We put in $30 a week now – I increase it by $5 every 6 months or so… it is easy to get used to the $5 being gone per week… the nice thing is that when she wasn’t in school over the summer, it still went in & banked a bit. It definately comes in handy!

    Comment by jpkittie — November 4, 2008 @ 8:56 am

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