Becoming Debt Free in 2009

October 25, 2008

Some Budget Items to Reconsider

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I am going to review budget items that are wants and not needs.  Some I would like to cut completely, some I would like to scale back on, and some I just want to keep.

I’m going to post the list here in random order and address each one over the next few weeks.  I have rounded up to the nearest dollar so I don’t have to go and hunt down all the bills.

1) Lawn Care – $80 per month

2) Netflix – $16.00 per month

3) Cable and Internet Service – $113  per month (combined – I may look into another service)

4) Fast Food – $25 per month (pizza delivery twice a month)

5) Soft Drinks – $75 (I’m estimating here – I will keep up with this starting November 1st)

6) Phone Service – $27 per month – thinking of combining with Internet

7) Clothing / Shoes – $100 per month

8) Summer Camps – $1200 per summer for 1 child

9) School Trips / Activities – $1000 per year for 1 child

10) Cell Phones – $15 per month (for two phones – prepaid – only actually use about 10 minutes per month but I like for the boys to have the in case of an emergency.)

I am sure there are more and will add to this as I remember them.


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